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Year 7-10 Textbooks

Learning Field

LearningField is a subscription service that provides digital textbooks from Australia’s leading educational publishers. Operated by the Copyright Agency, a not-for-profit member based organisation, LearningField provides digital textbooks from Oxford University Press, Pearson Education, Cambridge University Press, Jacaranda, Cengage Learning, Helleman Books, PCS Publications, Macmillan Education and Insight Publications.

LearningField provides the convenience of a cloud-based website (for choosing chapters and texts) and a reader (for consuming texts). Teachers are able to select chapters from any of the comprehensive range of 400 textbooks currently available in LearningField, across all subject areas and year levels.

Teachers add the chapters to their class library and students download them to their personal device in the LearningField reader. Teachers can create announcements, start class discussions and use collaborative note taking. Teachers can even select specific resources for different groups within a class, to set the resources that best suit students’ individual needs.

Students are asked to download the free LearningField reader on their iPad and then download the content their teachers have assigned to the class libraries. Once downloaded, the content can be read offline anywhere, anytime.

In class, students are guided on how to use LearningField. In addition to their class libraries, students are able to select and add chapters from any texts available in LearningField to their personal library. With access to resources beyond those that the teacher has allocated to their class, students use LearningField for their own research and discovery.

Parents do not need to order books or fill in any forms. The annual cost of Learning Field is approximately $260 and is charged to parent accounts. Pro rata charges apply to new students and leaving students.

Further information regarding LearningField: - An overview on our Learning Blog LearningShared.com.au/LearningField - Their website at www.learningfield.com.au and Media: Learning Field Information.pdf.

Learning Field Student Guide

Media: LearningField Information Sheet - SACS Students.pdf

Student Stationery

See Stationery

Year 11-12 Textbooks

Endeavour Education will continue to supply textbooks to Year 11 and 12.