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Year 7-10 Textbooks

Year 7-10 have digital textbooks purchased through Box of Books. This can be accessed by going to the portal.sacs.nsw.edu.au and clicking on the Box Of Books tile. Textbooks for Y7-10 do not require ordering and are supplied directly to students on their first day of school each year. All Year 7-10 textbooks are covered by the Service Levy. OPTIONAL hardcopy textbooks can be purchased by clicking on the relevant links year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10.

Year 11 Textbooks

Year 11 Textbooks are ordered through LJ Harper online site. Please check the attached booklist to ensure you order the correct textbooks for the course your child is studying.

Many texts can be ordered as digital, hardcopy or as both. Hardcopy textbooks will be delivered in approximately three weeks to the address specified in the online store. Digital copies will be made available once the student registrations are processed through our SACS IT. Students will be able to access their digital copies through the ‘Box of Books’ tile on the SACS Student Portal.

If you wish to purchase texts such as English/Literature texts sooner for your child to begin reading, you may wish to instead source these personally.

Year 11 IB Diploma Textbook Ordering

Year 11 HSC Textbook Ordering

The student email address at the bottom of the form must be the SACS email address. The prefix is the first name initial, surname then year of graduation. Eg astudent19@student.sacs.nsw.edu.au

Student Stationery

See Stationery

Year 12 Textbooks

Endeavour Education will continue to supply textbooks to Year 12.