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Technology at SACS

Technology is an important part of the learning experience at St Andrew's in all years. We aim for Learning Technologies to be used authentically to enrich and enhance learning.

Our Year 5-9 students use their own iPads, with Years 10-12 choosing between an iPad or appropriate tablet or laptop. Access to computer labs is available as required and new desktop computers can be accessed in the Library and Senior Research Centre.

The Junior School also has class sets of iPads and laptops, as well as new desktop computers and the new Library computers. Gawura School also has its own set of iPads and laptops.

Technology Student Use Policy

The Technology Student Use policy is reviewed regularly. It is in the student diaries and the most current version is kept on the Technology Student Use Policy page.

Year 5 to 9 iPads

iPads are the personal learning devices used by students in years 5 to 9 at SACS as well as being an option for students in years 10 -12 as their personal learning device or as a supplementary device. iPads are highly convergent devices with a wide range of features and great options for content creation built into a truly mobile device with great battery life. iPads provide great opportunities for enhancing and enriching learning and we enjoy harnessing this power in the classroom and beyond.
Further details about iPads at SACS can be read on the iPads page..

Year 10-12 iPads and/or Laptops

Students entering Years 10-12 are able to bring a lightweight laptop or an appropriate iPad.

Laptops for years 10-12 should:

  • Be a lightweight Macintosh or Windows Computer in good working order.
  • Be less than 3 years.
  • Have an up-to-date operating system.
  • Have sufficient processing power and at least 4GB RAM (8GB is better).
  • Be stored in a hard ‘clamshell’ case and/or a padded sleeve (for carrying within a schoolbag).
  • Be purchased with accidental damage / theft insurance.
  • Have a long warranty. Please be careful – by default most consumer equipment only comes with a one year ‘return to base’ warranty.

NOTE: some electives may have specific requirements and students should liaise with the Leader of Learning for the elective or contact Mr Kolbe if there are any concerns.


Office Suite: As part of the Schools Microsoft Subscription students can download the Office Suite onto two computers To do this:

  • go to on your computer
  • log in with your school account for access to your files, folders, email etc here
  • click on "Office365"
  • choose the software you want to instal on your computer.

Adobe Software: The School also offers Adobe software to those needing it. This comes on a USB with the appropriate codes and students can get this from the uniform store for a cost of $20.


We suggest parents carefully consider arranging insurance cover for their child's iPad or laptop. Many Home & Content Insurance Policies have the option to add electronic devices to guard against loss or theft while away from home.

School Computing Resources and Assistance

In addition to students’ own personal devices, desktop computers are available for students to use in the Junior School, in the School Library (Ground Floor of St Andrew’s House) and in the Senior Research Centre (Level 3 of the Senior College). Desktop computers with specialised software are also available within Visual Arts, Design and Technology and Music classrooms. A number of class sets of laptops are available as well as 4 class sets of iPads in the Junior School.

Systems and Services

The School provides and supports a number of services including:

  • Office365 - has enabled Office 365 for email, storage and access of files and folders as well as for collaboration and sharing of files and folders for all year groups. This provides students with access to documents across all internet-enabled devices. Read more about our implementation of Office365 here.
  • Digital Textbooks (see Textbooks for more information on Learning Field) and the School’s Learning Management System.
  • Schoology is the platform for our online Learning Management System (LMS) in Years 7-12 (and years 5 and 6 in 2016) Schoology enables interactions, communication, discussions, access to resources and information as well the ability to submit work and receive feedback along with numerous other options. Schoology works well across all devices and can be logged into when connected to the internet. Read more on

Support and Help

For technical support; Inquiries for assistance with IT can be directed to the IT Department (Ph: 9286 9555) or the IT Help Desk that runs each lunchtime in the foyer of the School Library.

Learning Support

Mr Rolfe Kolbe, Director of Learning Technologies, together with Elle Smith (Learning Coach, Technology) works closely with teachers to ensure that technology is being used to enhance learning and that students are confident and knowledgeable users of technology. Michael Sahlstrom also works and supports staff and students with the use of Schoology. We continue to build on our materials with students and teachers and this is all shared openly on our blog