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St Andrew’s subscribes to the Study Skills Handbook website.

The username and password can be found inside the SACS Student Diary on the page headed "How to Study".

Year 7-12 Academic Tutorials

Academic Tutorials occur once per fortnight. During this time students access materials from the Study Skills Handbook website which they are given in booklet form.

These cover the following areas:

Home Study

  1. Home Study Environment
  2. Organisation and Filing
  3. Time Management Skills
  4. Managing Workload
  5. Dealing With Distractions
  6. Overcoming Procrastination
  7. Developing Motivation
  8. Goal Setting
  9. Lifestyle & Balance
  10. Managing Stress

Exam Study

  1. Summarising
  2. Active Studying
  3. Preparing for Exam Blocks
  4. Test Taking Techniques
  5. After Tests and Exams