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2021 Secondary School

  • Deputy Head of School - Brad Swibel
  • Tutors
Position Name Email
Middle School Leadership
Head of Middle School Mr Partington
Deputy Head of Middle School Ms Leeds
Head of Year 7 Mrs Gardiner
Head of Year 8 (Acting) Ms Goodman
Head of Year 9 Mrs Tubman
Counsellor Mrs Calandra
Position Name Email
Senior College Leadership
Head of Senior College Mr Lindsay
Deputy Head of Senior College Mrs Witheridge
Head of Canterbury Mr Kim
Head of Durham Mr Thill
Head of Hereford Mr Champion
Head of Salisbury Mrs Panczyck
Head of St Paul's Mr Sahlstrom
Head of Westminster Mrs Chakarovski
Head of Winchester Mrs Zucker
Head of York Mrs Burgess
Senior Counsellor Mrs Blackwell
Counsellor Ms Wilcock
Position Name Email
Heads of Department
Christian Development Mr Hwang
Drama & Dance Mr Desaulnier
English Ms Stutsel
Gifted Education Mrs Stephenson
Humanities Mr Neate
Languages Mrs Carr (Acting)
Library Mrs Armstrong
Mathematics Mr Tompkins
Music Mrs Nelson
PDHPE Mr Robertson
Science Ms Collett
Specialised Learning Mrs Campbell (Acting)
TAS Mr Bacewicz
Visual Arts Mrs O'Mara
Position Name Email
Directors of Learning
Middle School Mrs Layhe
Senior College Mrs Tatsis
IB Diploma Mrs Munro
Teaching Mrs Macaulay
Performing Arts Dr Watson