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Gawura and Junior School Merit System

Merit System

  • House Points can be awarded daily in the classrooms and activities.
  • House Points are collated and totals announced at the biweekly assembly

Weekly Merit Cards

  • These are awarded at the weekly assembly on the roof as well. These are based of Heart, Mind and Life, focusing on the Graduate Attributes.
  • Two per class awarded by the class teacher

End of Term Special Awards

  • Heart, Mind and Life Certificates awarded at the end of term assemblies.
  • These awards recognise students displaying the SACS Core Values and Attributes
  • One of each to each class.
  • This is a special assembly and parents are invited and then stay for a morning tea
  • Specialist teachers to award one Heart Mind or Life Award per year group, e.g. Art, Drama, Music, Spanish, CD
  • These awards serve to balance the academic and sporting focus of the end of year awards.
  • Records are kept by PA to HOJS of the End of Term Award recipients to ensure even distribution.
  • The JS Executive Committee to review End of term / end of Year Awards to ensure even distribution.

Secondary School Merit System

Merits recognise positive student behaviours and efforts. Merit categories and tallies are displayed in the weekly parent and student digest and portals. Some examples of merit categories are:

  • Working hard in class
  • Great result in classwork or test
  • Great behaviour
  • Excellent classwork
  • Showing persistence
  • Showing improvement in classwork
  • Helping others
  • Working hard at sport/cocurricular/training
  • Showing improvement in sport/cocurricular/training

Students are told by their teacher they have received a merit and this is recorded on Edumate. The Deputy Head is automatically alerted once a student has reached 30 merits. This will result in a Silver Excellence certificate recorded in Edumate and handed out on assembly with a badge and a two week lift pass. Once a student has three Silver Excellence certificates, they need to hand these to the Deputy Head to receive a Gold Excellence certificate recorded in Edumate and handed out at end of year Excellence Awards Assemblies from the Head of School as well as a Blazer Honour Strip.