IPads - Making a Good Start

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Making a good start with the iPad at home

In order to make a good start with the iPad at home parents are encouraged to consider the following recommendations:

  • Have a plan of how you want the iPad to be used at home and discuss this with the student, including specific consequences, before setting up the iPad.
  • Set up parental restrictions on the iPad and do not share the restriction passcode and the Apple ID passcode with the student.
  • Know all the student’s passwords for their online accounts and highlight to the student the importance of no one else knowing these passwords.
  • Purchase apps with an iTunes Cards rather than entering you credit card details in iTunes.
  • Set a designated times for online and offline activities.
  • Have iPads and other internet-connected devices used in common areas within the home and not in the bedroom.
  • Regularly look at what the student is doing on their iPad and talk to them about it.
  • Expect the student to not erase their browsing history and regularly check the browsing history.
  • Know with whom the student communicates online and expect the student to only communicate with known people.
  • Parents are also encouraged to familiarise themselves with Susan McLean’s Cyber Safety Tips for Parents

Before Each School Day

The following is a quick checklist of things students should do to ensure they are prepared for school each day:

  • Ensure the iPad is fully charged before leaving for school. There will not be provision for charging at school so students will need to make sure this happens at home each night.
  • Ensure that all the necessary Apps for scheduled subjects are installed. If Apps are not installed, this will cause unnecessary delays and frustration in the classroom.
  • Ensure that you have any needed documents from your home computer stored in your OneDrive so they are available while at school.
  • Ensure that you have all the necessary eBooks available on your iPad, in the same way you would pack your bag with a paper textbook.