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iPads will be the personal learning devices used by students in years 5 to 9 at SACS in 2016 as well as being an option for students in years 10 -12 as their personal learning device or as a supplementary device.

Why iPads?

iPads enable access, storage, communication, and access to content. BUT iPads are ALSO highly "convergent" devices with many tools in the one place and the rich and diverse app environment allows for a multitude of content creation options enhancing and enriching the learning experience and encouraging creativity. The high-quality camera allows for easy recording of content that can then be worked on with powerful apps. The capacitive touch screen and tactile interactions debunk many previously difficult tasks. Handwritten capability enables written and drawn content (through apps like Notability and collaborative handwritten, cloud accessed notes with OneNote!) All of this on a light and truly mobile device. There is no doubt that the iPad has shaped the learning environment significantly all around the world.

Apps for the iPad:

The Apple APP store is highly diverse and rich and harnessing the options available through well chosen and tested apps can truly enhance and enrich learning. Examples of iPad use for learning with techniques, tips, tricks, ideas for learning along with examples of work can be seen on our blog LearningShared.com.au/ipads "There's an app for that!"

Apps at SACS

Apps are purchased by the school and pushed out to devices using AirWatch. A list of the core apps used across all subjects along with more specific apps can be seen on the iPad Apps Used at SACS page. Students will receive training on use of apps for learning within the context of their normal classes. The overall scope and sequence for the use of iPads and Learning Technologies can be seen on our blog at LearningShared.com.au/ipads/skills/