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iPad Setup details for students in years 5 to 9.

St Andrew’s Cathedral School utilises iPad technology for all students from Years 5 to 9. Students in these year groups are required to have their own personal iPad to assist with the significant learning opportunities at SACs. Further details in relation to purchasing iPads can be read on the iPad purchasing page.

We are excited about the options to enhance and enrich learning with appropriate and authentic use of technology. We have thought extensively about how to best prepare our students for this including the building of skills and training in relation to responsibilities and appropriate use. We look forward to sharing with you over the year.

We want iPads to be set up safely and responsibly so that students can participate in the learning opportunities ahead. These instructions are sent to give the opportunity to set iPads that may be given as Christmas gifts or similar. Completing the iPad setup at home also allows for parents to set iPads up before Term 1 starts and should simplify steps where parental permissions is required.

The process of creating student Apple ID's, especially for under 13's, can be quite an unwieldy process. We have tested extensively and hopefully have covered the bases to help with the process. We hope that families will be able to complete the process at home.
NOTE: Please arrive at school with the following apps installed: OneDrive, Word, PowerPoint and Schoology (+ Box of Books for years 7-10) we will log in to each at school.

While we will certainly endeavour to help as much as we can with the process and with tips for managing technology at home we encourage all parents to read and research further details to be familiar with how it all works.  

Before setting iPads please note the following:

  • Legally children under 13 must have their Apple ID as part of Family Sharing.
  • We would like the Apple ID to be the set as, or changed to be, the student's school email address.
  • Parents should discuss parameters for technology use and set appropriate restrictions based on their child's age, see the iPad section on SACSconnect for further details to help with this.

School Username and Password:
School username and passwords allow for access to school systems including email, Office365 and Schoology. School login details MUST not be shared and online access can be reached via the portal -portal.sacs.nsw.edu.au.
NOTE: School login details are normally emailed out in December to new students.

Setting up a Student iPad:

Students need to have an Apple ID and Airwatch installed to have WiFi access at school and access to the Apps purchased for them by the school.  

1. Access student email: Use student username and password to access webmail via the portal - portal.sacs.nsw.edu.au (This will be required to complete the process.)  

2. Create a Student Apple ID or adjust an existing student Apple ID:
Go to http://appleID.apple.com and create a new account. You will initially have to use the birth date of the adult creating the account and this will be corrected in subsequent steps for students under 13.
NOTE: if your child ALREADY has an Apple ID please can it be changed to the school email at http://appleID.apple.com
- Please record the answers to your security questions.
- Please make sure it is an Australian Account.
- Apple ID email addresses can be changed at a later stage.

3. Add child to Family Sharing: (Mandatory for students under 13, optional for students over 13)
Family sharing allows a number of options and enables children under 13 to legally have an Apple ID. Further details about Family Sharing can be read at apple.com/au/icloud/family-sharing/
- On a parent's iPad or iPhone - Settings > iCloud > Family - add your child's Apple ID
- On a Mac - System Preferences > iCloud > manage family > +  

4. Adjust Student Birthdate: (If child for account is under 13)
- Log in to manage the STUDENT Apple ID at http://appleID.apple.com
- Adjust Date of Birth in the "Passwords and Security" tab. An email will go to the parent in charge of Family Sharing.
- Accept the change as a parent.
NOTE: you will need a credit card for this step. A borrowed credit card can be used for the one step and immediately deleted afterwards.

5. Setup new iPad: Turn on your new iPad and follow the steps. This is a personalised experience.

6. Install Airwatch: Airwatch enables WiFi access at school and instals the "App Catalogue" for students to access apps bought for them by the school. It also sets up email and appropriate restrictions while at school. Click here to instal the "Airwatch Agent" app from the app store. Log in with your School login details and follow the instructions until enrollment is complete.

7. Adjust restrictions and discuss technology use: The iPads at homepage on SACSconnect.sacs.nsw.edu.au is a good starting point for this discussion.

8. Install core apps: Open the "app catalogue" that would have been installed on the iPad in the process of setting up Airwatch. NOTE: Please arrive at school with the following apps installed: OneDrive, Word, PowerPoint and Schoology (+ Box of Books for years 7-11) we will login to each at school. Other apps we use can be seen on our on our iPad Apps page More information about these will be given to students as required.  

We will keep this page up to date with information and further tips. Sessions will also be held with students in the first few days of term to check the process has been completed.
Note: Further options for help from the IT helpdesk.  

We hope that the process works seamlessly for you. We hope to help as much as possible but encourage you to also research for yourself as to best practise. We look forward to showcasing our learning and having you along for the journey.