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There are a huge number of apps that allow for amazing content creation, access, connection and sharing.
- We have consolidated our app list and review it regularly. Staff and students can make recommendations to their Leader of Learning or teacher. Apps are reviewed and added to the list as required.
- Apps at SACS Apps are purchased by the school and pushed out to devices using AirWatch. A list of the core apps used across all subjects along with more specific apps can be seen on the iPad Apps Used at SACS page. Students will receive training on use of apps for learning within the context of their normal classes.

Lists of Apps: All stages, Stage 3 and Years 7-9

- There are a number of powerful apps not on this list but we are recommending the following consolidated lists.
- Apps specific to stage 3 or years 7-9 are below this main list.

Apps for School Applications and services:

  • Schoology - access and ability to submit all types of content to Schoology via the iPad
  • Box of Books (Years 7-10 only) - Access to textbooks
  • ClickView (Years 5-12)

Office Apps: bringing "Office" to the iPad along with storage, edits, sharing and collaboration. Office access and edits are also available in the browser across devices.

  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote - typed and handwritten notes with sections and pages
  • Excel (Years 7-9)
  • OneDrive - storage access and sharing of files and folders
  • Office Lens - Allows users to be able to save documents and images directly using the camera into Office Apps and/or OneDrive

Apple apps:

  • Pages - native word processing on an iPad
  • Keynote - native presentations on an iPad
  • iMovie - easy and powerful video creation
  • Garageband - audio, podacasts and music creation
  • iBooks - eBook and pdf reader

Multidisciplinary Content Creation Apps:

  • Explain Everything - incredible options for creating super simple "Screen Casts"
  • Book Creator - awesome eBooks along with the option to print very neat hard copies.
  • Notability - awesome notetaking with great inking, filing and back up
  • i-Nigma - quick and powerful reader for QR codes
  • GreenScreen by Doink - amazing GreenScreening on an iPad!
  • Inspiration Maps - Mindmapping
  • Aurasma - Augmented reality
  • Dictionary.com
  • Glo-Bible
  • National Geographic Atlas
  • MyScript Calculator - handwritten script calculator

Other Graphics and Video editing:

  • Snapseed - Free and powerful image photo edits
  • PaperbyFiftyThree - handwritten notes and art now tied in with OneNote
  • iMotion (Years 7-9) - Stop frame animation
  • Koma Koma (Stage 3) - Simple but powerful stop frame animation

Subject specific Apps:

  • Mathletics (Stage 3 only)
  • Music Theory (Years 7 and 8 and elective music 9 only)