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PLEASE NOTE: This page is to be updated for Mon 26th October 2015

iPad Use at School

How often will the iPad be used in class and for homework tasks?

The iPad will be used wherever suitable as an accompaniment to traditional teaching methods. It will not replace pen and paper but be used alongside it, to enrich our commitment to productive learning technologies. At home, the use of iPads will vary between subjects, depending on relevance to homework tasks.

Are students able to load their own apps and content on the iPad?

Student iPads should only contain apps distributed through the School’s Airwatch App during term time. The iPad is a learning device during school term time and is not to hold games, social media or entertainment apps. These are inaccessible using the School’s wireless access, but should also not be downloaded onto student iPads at home during term time.

Do I need a special iTunes account?

Please check to make sure that your child has:

  • An Australia store iTunes account that they have full access to (no restrictions)
  • The password to this Australia iTunes account

Information on how to set up an iTunes account can be found by visiting Apple Support online.

iPad Use at Home

The most common question about ipads that we receive from parents is, how can they be sure that their child is on task and not on games or YouTube?

There are two ways that this can be achieved by parents by using 'Guided Access' and/or ‘Restrictions’ functions.

iPad ‘Guided Access’ function

Guided Access is a function in all iPads, iTouches and iPhones. By going to Settings > Accessibility, the iPad can be switched to Guided Access. The parent can then enter a passcode of their own. The parent can then ask the child to open up their iPad to the app they're meant to be on (eg Pages or PDF Expert) and then triple click the home button. This will activate Guided Access and the child won't be able to exit the app until the home button is triple clicked again and the passcode entered. The same passcode will be remembered by the iPad until Guided Access is switched off.

iPad ‘Restrictions’ function

However, it may be that your child says they have to use more than one application in their home study. To restrict use of unwanted apps, go to Settings > General > Usage to see all the apps or hold your finger on an app in one of the screens until it wriggles and delete any apps that you think are distracting to your child. They can always download them again later for free, even if they’ve been purchased before. Once satisfied in your deletion, go to Settings > General > Restrictions, enter in a passcode and switch to Off ‘Installing Apps’. Your child will then not be able to reinstall any apps until you remove the Restrictions by re entering your passcode.

These two tips may be of some help for students who are easily distracted during iPad home study.

Appropriate Use of iPads

Who will monitor what apps each student is downloading and ensure that iPads are used appropriately?

St Andrew’s Airwatch system will limit unsuitable material from being accessed on campus through the internet and apps.

Parents may like to subscribe to a web filtering online service such as

There are parental controls on each device that can be activated, restricting the use of inappropriate apps to certain age groups. We also encourage parents to ensure iPads used around the house are limited to open areas where their use can be checked by parents.

Can students use Facebook at school if they download the app?

When at school and using the school network, access to Facebook is blocked.

Will each iPad be password protected?

Students will need to put an access password on an iPad, but if this is forgotten the iPad content needs to be erased. We recommend students use a password that is known to parents and kept in a safe place by parents.

Will iPads that have been 'jail broken' work on the school's network?

'Jail breaking' an iPad involves removing the limitations that have been placed on the device by the Apple operating system. This violates the warranty and allows for the device to be used in malicious ways. To ensure the school network is secure, jail broken iPads will not work on it.

Saving data

Will the school backup the iPads of each student? No. Students will be responsible for the maintenance of their own work and will be required to back up their devices regularly. This can be done by connecting the iPad to a home computer or over home wifi using the iCloud backup service. All students using iPads are strongly encouraged to back up their own work and will be responsible for work that has not been backed up via iTunes, iCloud (a free Apple service) or a similar backup service.


Why use eBooks?

Not only do eBooks reduce the weight of the school bag, reading on electronic devices is becoming increasingly important. Most textbooks will be electronic at St Andrew's - we are negotiating with our textbook suppliers to reduce the cost and assist in a small way with iPad cost. A list of subject specialist apps will be made available to students with all of the download information.

Repairs and Insurance

Are iPads insured – what happens if they are damaged, stolen or lost either at school or outside of school?

The school insurance policy does not cover iPads as the iPads of an individual student is not owned by the school. We recommend that all families seek to organise insurance with their personal insurance providers. All school lockers are fitted with locks. Students should ensure that they take responsibility for their iPad and keep it in a safe, secure place when not in use. Students will also need to label their iPad case or the back of their iPads.

Being Without an iPad

What if a student comes to school without an iPad?

If a student in Year 7-10 comes to school without an iPad they will need to use hard copy textbooks. They will also need to borrow a school laptop before the start of the school day and return the laptop at the end of the school day. Students will not be able to take the laptops home. It is not mandatory that a student acquire an iPad or an extended warranty and other Apple accessories to continue at St Andrew's.

What if a student wants to use a different tablet?

A student is free to use a tablet other than an iPad. However, St Andrew's cannot guarantee that the relevant e-books and apps will be available for an alternative tablet. The use of an alternative tablet or computer is similar to the use of an alternative textbook to that recommended for use. Each student will be made aware of the apps and e-books required for each course and each student can make their access arrangements.

What if a student does not wish to use a tablet?

If a student does not wish to use a tablet then the student is free to make the selection. The student will need to bring hard copies of textbooks unless they have an alternative electronic means to access the text recommended by St Andrew's. St Andrew's appreciates that the lack of an iPad or alternative tablet may impact on a student in the same way that a student decides not to purchase or have access to a recommended textbook. St Andrew's will continue to teach its students whether any student does or does not have an iPad or an alternative tablet or computer.


How long will my iPad take to be delivered after I have placed an online order through the school’s supplier?

Orders will generally be delivered within 1 week of your payment being received.

Can I select a PO Box for iPad delivery?

No, all orders must be signed for on delivery, as such the delivery address must be a physical location with someone able to sign to accept delivery.

Can I choose a different iPad or cover than those on the supplier site?

You are able to choose a different iPad or cover, however the models on the supplier site are those which St Andrew’s has arranged special pricing for. You are able to order as many items at the discounted price as you wish. All students will need an iPad case - there are many on the market. We recommend one that fully covers the back, front and edges of the iPad and can be clipped shut. A case that enables students to position the iPad at an easy typing angle. Parents should also consider purchasing a padded carry bag and transparent screen protector that can be affixed to the screen to avoid scratch.

Why is there a 1% credit card fee on the supplier site?

The credit card fee is the fee charged by the credit card provider. You can pre pay by EFT at no additional charge.

Contact Information

Who do I contact regarding technical difficulties?

All technical difficulties should be directed to Apple. For general questions, check the Apple iPad Support Page. For SACS related technology matters, IT support staff will be available every lunch in the library to troubleshoot.

Who do I contact regarding repairs?

Please contact Apple directly for repair information. You could also consider contacting Fone King in the Queen Victoria Building who have offered special pricing to parents of students at St Andrew’s.