Homework Requirements

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Homework consists of:

  • Work set by teachers to be completed for a particular lesson
  • Study which includes revision of earlier work and wider reading

Examples of regular homework tasks:

  • Learn spelling lists. Complete activities to reinforce lists. eg. sentences, alphabetical order, etc
  • Complete some Mathematical calculations. Mathletics Tasks
  • Reading of a novel
  • Finishing classwork
  • Drafting of writing tasks

Homework is given for several reasons:

  • To ensure work taught in class is understood, learned and practised
  • To provide time for revision of knowledge already gained
  • To develop self-discipline and good study habits for the future

Students are encouraged to learn to be flexible. Some nights they may devote more than the required amount of homework/study/review, whilst another night they may require less.

Tutors will support students to develop their own homework/study schedule.

It is important that parents/carers encourage their children to become efficient in getting homework done. Provision of a quiet, comfortable study area with the necessary writing materials is highly recommended. Any homework time not required for set homework should be devoted to further reading, study, revision and research.

If homework is a cause for concern, the teacher and/or Tutor should be informed.

Homework Times

The recommended time spent on homework should be:

Kindergarten - 10–15 minutes per night. Literacy and Numeracy Component

Years 1-2 - 20-30 minutes per night

Years 3-4 - 25-35 minutes per night

Years 5-6 - 30-40 minutes per night

Years 7-8 - 1 hour each weekday

Years 9-10 - 1.5-2 hours each weekday

Years 11-12 - 2-3 hours each weekday & 2-3 hours on the weekend

  • Secondary students should also read 30-60 min before going to sleep. This should not be using a blue light screen device such as an iPad or laptop.

Gawura Homework

Gawura Homework is routine based and reflects/consolidates work addressed in class. Homework includes literacy/numeracy tasks as well as home reading.

Monday: (sent home) home reading and homework

Tuesday: home reading and homework (Homework Centre 3:10-4:00)

Wednesday: home reading and homework

Thursday: home reading and homework (Homework Centre 3:10-4:00)

Friday: Returned to school and diary signed for home reading


K 20 minutes across 4 days (including preparation for news)

Yr 1-2 10 minutes a night

Yr 3-4 15 minutes a night

Yr 5-6 20 minutes a night

Home Reading

K-2 10-15 minutes a night

Yr 3 at least 15 minutes home reading a night

Yr 4 at least 20 minutes home reading a night

Yr 5 at least 25 minutes home reading a night

Yr 6 at least 30 minutes home reading a night