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SACS Follow Me Print

Overview St Andrew’s Cathedral School is currently trialling a new system of printing documents from PCs and iPads located on campus. The new system being introduced is designed to improve efficiency, reduce waste (costs) and streamline processes. The Follow Me Printing system is officially called Fuji Xerox’s Image Gateway for Apeos (IGA) platform and is a software platform for our Fuji Xerox networked print devices. It is expected to be of great benefit to teachers and administration staff alike, allowing users greater flexibility and mobility in printing documents. The current system of printing requires users to rush from their desk to the printer to collect documents immediately after printing whereas the new system places your documents in a print queue ready for printing when you are ready and standing at the photocopier. The user activates the print process with their ID pass or login details.

Benefits to users of the Follow Me Print system

It enables users to securely print, copy, scan or fax sensitive documents.

  • It enables staff and students to print documents from their iPad.
  • Users can print a bulk number of documents from their PC and then print them out all at the same time later in the day.
  • Users can print their documents out at any networked system printer on the network, so if their closest printer is busy, they can simply go to another printer that is available. There is no need to choose which print device to print to.
  • Teachers who move between buildings and floors can print from their mobile device or laptop and collect their print-outs at their nearest print device.
  • Reduces paper/toner and electricity waste by only printing and releasing what is required.

How it Works - Simple step-by-step

For more details please view this document

File:2015 Follow Me Printing Info Sheet.pdf

There is also a video you can watch to show you how to print from your iPad.