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From Kindergarten to Year 12, we strive to provide the very best learning environment for everyone. We take pride in our reputation for caring and nurturing our students and welcome those with English as a Second Language (ESL) needs, whether they are new arrivals in the country or those who have been in Australia for a long time.

The Approach to Enrichment at SACS

The education we offer always ensures that the school is inclusive and the curriculum is accessible to all. Staff are committed to continually developing the School's capacity to accommodate the full range of individual differences among its students. We strive to maximise the potential of individuals spanning the academic, social and emotional realms. If your child has additional ESL needs we will endeavour to support these needs within the classroom, this assistance is called in-class or out of class support and includes many forms of differentiation.

English as a Second Language Department

The English as a Second Language Department works under the Enrichment and Learning Department and closely with the English department. It plays a vital role at St Andrew’s Cathedral School. Teachers, parents, staff and where possible, outside relevant professionals, work collaboratively to establish teaching and learning strategies that help students participate fully in the life of the School. Students’ ESL needs are diverse and always changing, therefore responding to them means new initiatives are continually being created. This ensures flexible and responsive support service delivery.

Qualified and Experienced Staff

Teachers are appropriately qualified and experienced and are expected to develop an expertise in ESL teaching in order to assist the team as a whole to address all aspects of ESL needs in the school. They work closely with the classroom teachers to develop programs that are appropriate to the levels of ESL students The English as a Second Language Department provides the following services:

  • Testing prospective students before they enter the school
  • Make appropriate recommendations to the school for whether the prospective students are ready to be admitted to SACS or needs further intensive English support outside of SACS
  • Testing current students with ESL concerns
  • Coordinating and providing ESL Support for ESL students in and out of the classroom.
  • Providing after school ESL classes for students where appropriate
  • Working closely with classroom teachers to develop activities that are more accessible for ESL students who meet criteria for additional support.
  • Establishing connections with other Intensive English institutions to ensure a smooth transition for ESL students entering or leaving SACS for additional Intensive English programs

Working with other staff in the school, the ESL department seeks to support the ESL students and their parents by:

  • translating important letters for the parents
  • communicating with the parents in their Mother tongue language where possible, or arranging an interpreter
  • arranging for an interpreter during teacher-student and parent - teacher meetings;
  • providing a Chinese speaking tutor to support students with their studies;
  • providing Chinese Chapel for Mandarin background speakers;
  • providing opportunities for the general school population to experience and value mother tongue expression in written and oral form; and
  • connecting students with teachers or tutors who speak mother tongue.