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The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award presents young people aged between 14 and 25 with a balanced, non-competitive programof voluntary activities that encourage and develop initiative, self-reliance, perseverance and service to their community. The Award’s requirements for consistent effort are quite rigid to preserve its integrity. However, the selection of activities is very flexible to support each participant’s specific needs and interests.

There are three levels to the Award (Bronze, Silver and Gold), each requiring more effort and perseverance than the previous level. The Gold Award has great standing in the professional community and is a very worthwhile addition to any resumé. The University of New South Wales offers Gold recipients an additional 2 ATAR points towards their university entrance upon application to selected courses. Students can also receive blazer pocket stitching when they complete a level of the Award. If they complete all three they are eligible for lapel braiding in recognition of their achievement. The Award requires completion of four to five sections:

  • Service
  • Skill
  • Fitness
  • Adventurous Journeys
  • Residential Project (Gold Award only)

The Award is entirely voluntary. Participants select their own activities according to interests, aptitude and availability of resources. They need to take ownership of the work needed to organize and complete these activities. Therefore, the school will not organise each of the activities for the participants. Rather, we will offer ideas, encouragement and administrative support. Parents and guardians are asked to provide similar support with minimal sharing of the actual work involved. This may seem daunting for students, but with consistent effort and appropriate support the majority of students successfully complete their award.

Many students who attempt an award find it helpful to connect with friends who are also involved, so discussion of the Award with friends is encouraged. That said, participation in the Award can be a great way to make and strengthen newfriendships.

The requirements of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award lead to numerous positive outcomes. Participants will be rewarded with a great sense of personal accomplishment, the opportunity to develop a broad range of skills and increased maturity, self-confidence and leadership qualities.

Further Information

Please contact:

Mr Jeff Long

Award Leader, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award


Office: (02) 9286 9569