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The Digital Citizenship framework aims to foster positive relationships between teaching staff and students whilst promoting positive online behaviour. The framework is a continuum of lessons from K-12 which support our students to develop resilience and decision-making particularly when interacting with the online world. The framework has been created with the input from Common Sense media, the SACS wellbeing team, teachers and the Learning Technologies staff. The framework aims to be developed over the next 3 years to extend from classroom and tutor lessons to KLA specific and cross-curricular programmes. There will also be some parent homework!

More details will be added to this page and on with focusses for each stage and year group.

Current focus Areas:

Stage 1 focus areas: Coming Soon

Stage 2 focus areas: Coming Soon

Stage 3 Focus Areas:

  • Identity security
  • Effective searching techniques
  • Positive online relationships
  • Dealing with online bullying
  • Dealing with gender stereotypes in the media
  • Online privacy protection
  • Creative rights

Years 7 focus areas: Coming Soon

Years 8 focus areas: Coming Soon

Years 9 focus areas: Coming Soon

Years 10-12 focus areas:

  • Students will explore concepts around:
  • Appropriate use of social media
  • Respectful Online relationships
  • Creating supportive communities
  • Fostering positive and professional online profiles
  • Developing professional profiles for the future
  • Academic honesty

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