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St Andrew’s provides students with many opportunities to benefit from a diverse range of options, which encourages them to develop their gifts. We encourage academic excellence; we applaud musical performance and acknowledge sporting achievements. In educational literature much is written about the development of resilience and connectedness. The School encompasses the Christian ethos through links with the Cathedral, Christian ministry and Christian development.

The Community Service Programme provides opportunities to practically follow the way of Jesus – to develop the affective nature of our students – virtues such as honesty, integrity, compassion, respect, humility and kindness.

The Community Service Programme not only teaches but also encourages our students to carry out well meaning activities that will initially benefit others more than themselves. The programme takes on a holistic approach to service for the community, seeking to raise awareness of the needs of others, to develop a culture of responsibility and caring. It is hoped that the programme would inspire a sense of empathy and responsibility towards all members of the community.



The programme involves a number of areas of service including:

  • The Oaktree Foundation
  • Rough Edges Café – outreach of St John’s Anglican Church, Darlinghurst
  • Bread of Life Ministry
  • Girls and Boys Brigade
  • Year 10 Community Service Week
  • Fund raising for a variety of charitable organisations - see Houses
  • Operation Christmas Child- Samaritan’s Purse
  • Community Service Senior College Student Committee – meets each Monday in B304
  • SACS Community Service Log (see Student Diary)
  • World Vision

House Charities

Each House is involved in supporting a charity. The charities range from local, national and international focuses and each has a service component in which students are provided practical opportunities to contribute to these causes. Houses promote their charity to the wider School body and in doing so raise students’ awareness to inequities and need in the community. To enable this process, the School has adopted four key charity organisations with which the Houses have developed working relationships.

The School charity is Gawura, our school within our school. In raising awareness and funds for this school, we seek to promote reconciliation, foster relationships with indigenous community and improve literacy and numeracy in indigenous students.

Students have the opportunity to be involved in service learning in all yeargroups which contributes to the Community Service Award. Year 10 participate in a Community Service Week in Term 4. Other events are held throughout the year focusing on each of the School charities such as the Big Bake Off for Rough Edges Café, 40 Hour Famine for World Vision, and Operation Christmas Child for Samaritan’s Purse. Houses may support other charities but this may not involve fundraising from students or parents.

Term Charity Focus House Partners
1 Anglicare Canterbury & St Paul's
2 Rough Edges Café Westminster & York
3 World Vision Durham & Winchester
4 Samaritan’s Purse Hereford & Salisbury
  • Anglicare - is the urban mission and community care arm of the Sydney Anglican Church.
  • Rough Edges Café – an outreach of St John’s Anglican Church Darlinghurst providing hospitality for over 100 homeless/ week.
  • World Vision – a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to overcome poverty and injustice, helping more than 20 million people every year.
  • Samaritan’s Purse – organises Operation Christmas Child to make Christmas special to those in poverty and facilitating aid, partnerships and development to overseas communities.

Year 10 Community Service Week

In Term 4, all Year 10 Houses participate in three days of community service with a community organisation. This organisation is selected by their Head of House. Year 10 Community Service Week involvement results in a Bronze Community Service Certificate.


Certificates will be presented as follows:

  • BRONZE Total: 25 hours

This can include just School Community Service.

  • SILVER Total: 50 hours

This must include a minimum of 10 hours Service other than School Community Service.

  • GOLD Total: 100 hours

This must include a minimum of 50 hours service other than School Service. References from Supervisors will be required.

Students must record their hours in the Community Service Log found in their student diary.