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Media: SACS Braiding and Honours Program v2 2019.pdf

The honour and braiding program is a system designed to encourage participation and excellence in cocurricular activities at St Andrew’s Cathedral School. It is designed to promote public recognition of pupils’ endeavour in cocurricular pursuits and to motivate those who are capable of outstanding achievement. The following information is a summary of the more comprehensive information provided in the ‘Honours and Braiding Program Criteria’ manual found on SACSConnect.


Honour Strips

Cocurricular for which honour strips are awarded include academic achievement, sport, music and drama and may extend to other areas within school life. These are strictly limited to school associated activities and not activities that students might be involved in outside of the school community, regardless of the level of achievement. Honour Strips are awarded to firsts teams of a sport or their equivalent. Honour Strips can only be received by students within the secondary school regardless of endeavour.

With each level of representation within the ISA/CIS system a different line colour is used. These are displayed as below;

  • School Representation - White
  • ISA Representation - Yellow
  • CIS Representation - Red
  • NSW Representation - Blue
  • Australian Representation - Gold

For sporting activities not represented within the ISA/CIS system, an alternative system of strips is awarded. This seeks to mirror that of the ISA/CIS system. For example, in Snowsports the following is identified

  • School Representation in Regionals (Minimum 3 Years or Top 1/3) - White
  • School Representation in State Championships - Red
  • NSW Representation - Blue


Braiding is awarded to Senior College students who are members of 1sts ISA teams, senior members of music or drama ensembles. There are strict criteria for each of these and more detail is provided in the ‘Honours and Braiding Program Criteria’. Braiding for both genders is blue and white striped piping around the lapel of the blazer. This is the highest form of honour and strict enforcement of the conditions apply for every student.

Masters in Charge of activities submit to the Director of Sport and Co-curricular their recommendations for Honour Strips and Braiding. If there is any dispute regarding line honours or braiding these are dealt with by the Director of Sport and Co-curricular in consultation with the various Master’s in Charge of that particular activity.

Chorister Pocket

Eligible Junior School and Middle School Choristers may wear an embroidered St Andrew’s Cathedral Chorister cloth badge on their blazer pocket.

Academic Honours

The award of Academic Honours entitles a student to have ‘Academic Honours’ with the semester and year embroidered on their blazer – Silver in Semester 1 and Gold in Semester 2. Note: Year 12 Semester 2 blazers are not embroidered. Students receive a letter from the school recognising their achievement with instructions to receive embroidery. As Year 12 have completed school in Term 3, they do not receive Academic Honours for Semester 2.

Academic Honours is awarded is for achieving one of the following

  • Year 7-9 – average of Grade 6 in all SACS reported subjects in a semester
  • Year 10: averaging 85% or more across all SACS reported subjects in a semester
  • Year 11 HSC: averaging 85% or more across all SACS reported subjects in a semester
  • Year 12 HSC: averaging 85% or more across all SACS reported subjects in Semester 1
  • Year 11 IB: Achieved at least 30 points across SACS HL and SL subjects in a semester
  • Year 12 IB: Achieved at least 32 points across SACS HL and SL subjects in Semester 1

Dates for Braiding, Honours and Chorister Pockets

Honours and braiding embroidery is conducted at the end of Term 1 for students in Years 8 through 11, and the end of Term 2 for students in the current year 12. Parents are informed from the Sport and Cocurricular Office of their students’ success in achieving honours or braiding approximately 4 weeks prior to the time for embroidery. Blazers are submitted to the uniform shop in the week prior to end of term.