City and the School

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Life in the City

The CBD of Sydney is a wonderful location for a 21st Century School. St Andrew’s Cathedral School is an integral part of the City Centre and has long enjoyed close association with urban environment. Benefits include ease of travel and close proximity to many learning facilities. Students of SACS become familiar with the city, enabling easy transition to future life, as they progress to life beyond school.

Our Pastoral Programme has a City Safety focus. An awareness of life and movement in the city ensures a safe passage through the school years and prepares for adult life in the city.

Subject Areas from K-12 use the city often in visiting key sites such as museums, shows and exhibitions. Often this occurs during class periods with minimal disruption to learning. The School is able to take advantage of key events occurring in the city, enabling students to experience the benefits of living in a world city.

Teachers will often make use of the city's local guest speakers and relationships with key business, community and universities to enrich learning.