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Life in the City

The CBD of Sydney is a wonderful location for a 21st Century School. St Andrew’s Cathedral School is an integral part of the City Centre and has long enjoyed close association with urban environment. Benefits include ease of travel and close proximity to many learning facilities. Students of SACS become familiar with the city, enabling easy transition to future life, as they progress to life beyond school.

Our Pastoral Programme has a City Safety focus. An awareness of life and movement in the City ensures a safe passage through the school years and prepares for adult life in the city.


  • Wear full uniforms neatly in public and present a positive image of the school, themselves and their families.
  • Move directly to and from transport hubs.
  • Stay within bounds. Students are not permitted to enter Hyde Park.
  • Senior College students must remain within the permitted boundaries during break times.

Movement in the City

  • Stay to the left but be careful close to the kerb
  • No loitering in public places
  • Use lights/crossings and only cross on Walk signals. Where possible use the Town Hall Arcade. Never run across the streets.
  • Check that vehicles are stopping, (even on Red) and learn to watch the traffic
  • Be wary of using phones/iPads in public.
  • Avoid alleyways and laneways.


  • Develop a transport plan, including an emergency contact and actions should services be cancelled/delayed. Return to school if services stop. Stick to the transport plan at all times
  • Students should plan to be home at a set time.
  • SACS members must be respectful to other passengers.
  • Students must not take a seat if an adult passenger is standing
  • Walk to the train/bus in groups. Each student should have a travel buddy.
  • Obey rules in stations and at bus stops. Wait behind the yellow line and stay back until vehicles have stopped.
  • If there is a disruption to service, let a parent or caregiver know as soon as possible.

City Safety

  • Be alert to people around
  • If approached by a stranger, politely but firmly walk away. Avoid eye contact.
  • Seek help if concerned or uncomfortable. Stay where there are other people.
  • Businesses in the Town Hall Arcade have contact details for SACS. Seek refuge if required. (Check)
  • Do not accept lifts or rides from unknown people.
  • Avoid using iPods/Earphones prior to commencing journeys, especially near roads/crossings
  • After sport in winter terms, inform parents of whereabouts and likely arrival plan.

Common sense and a few simple precautions will ensure that the city experience is positive and safe.