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On Site Ordering

The student or parent should come to the Canteen before 8.30am and fill out a lunch order bag and pay. Generally for the Junior School, the Canteen sends home white bags on request so that the student can, with the parents guidance, write out a lunch order and deliver to the canteen and pay.

Alternatively, parents can set up a counter account with $50.00 and the Canteen will deduct each lunch bag as it arrives. This is particularly helpful for Junior School students whose parents do not want them carrying money to School.

Online Ordering

Food from the School Canteen is available online.

Simply visit and register.

After typing in your preferred email address, select REGISTER, fill in your details and create a password – then select FINISH.

Next step is to credit the account. Go to ADD CREDIT, choose from the options available and when you have finished filling in the details select PURCHASE CREDIT. You will receive a notification that your account has been successfully set up. Note that you cannot use the system without credit. Return to the HOME page and press ADD A CHILD in the bottom left hand corner. An example appears below:

First Name: Tom
Last Name: Jones
Tutor/Room: Choose N/A
Teacher's Name: For ALL years, simply type in your class teacher’s name or tutor’s name.
Class: Fill in your year from the drop down menu

To Place an Order

  • Return to the HOME page and press the PLACE AN ORDER on the right hand side of the page.
  • Select a child from the dropdown menu in Step 1.
  • Select a date in Step 2 and then choose your items from the categories in the menu section by clicking on the small green cross.
  • After finishing your selection press the ADD TO ORDER button and your choice will on the right hand side of the page.
  • CONFIRM and PLACE your order by clicking on the button and the next screen will confirm your order.

You can cancel or change your orders in the ACTIVE orders selection and manage the changes in your child’s information by using the CHILDREN selection on the top right hand side of the HOME page.

When ordering, there is an INSTRUCTIONS box that can be filled with any information that you feel we may need to ensure that the lunch is supplied to your specific requirements.

Any problems should be directed to the Canteen staff AFTER 9.00 am each morning or to Jude Karikios 0403062404

Happy ordering .....