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SACS Year 12 Annual Art Prize

The intention of the St Andrew’s Cathedral School Annual Art Prize (SACSAAP) is to recognise the outstanding achievement of a Year 12 Visual Arts student at St Andrew’s Cathedral School. This recognition will take the form of an acquisitive art prize. The student will be recognised as the winner of the SACSAAP and they will receive a monetary prize. The School will acquire part or all of the winning student’s Visual Arts Body of Work (BOW).

It is intended that in time the SACSAAP will be recognised as a prestigious art prize in the local community. This in turn will promote the School as an organisation that fosters our students’ artistic and cultural development and values their achievements. The running of the SACSAAP is also intended to build a collection of artworks unique to St Andrew’s.

Following are suggested guidelines for the proposed SACSAAP:

  • Year 12 students will raise $1000 for the Annual Art Prize. This will be co-ordinated by the Student Leadership Team in consultation with the Deputy Head of Senior College. Most commonly, this will be a donation of $10 per Year 12 student. This could be embedded into the donation for the 5 Bridges Walk.
  • The prize will be awarded on a merit basis only. That is to say, the SACSAAP will only be awarded to a Year 12 student when an artwork or BOW is considered to be an outstanding achievement and suitable for the SACS Art Collection.
  • The judges will choose the winning artwork or BOW that demonstrates an outstanding achievement in Visual Arts.
  • The judges will choose whether to acquire a single artwork or BOW on the basis of the quality of the work and the perceived needs of the SACS Art Collection.
  • Where a full BOW is to be acquired, the monetary "value" of the prize will be $1000. Costs for framing are included in the monies contributed by Year 12.
  • Where a single artwork or a part of a BOW is to be acquired, the monetary "value" of the prize will be $500 plus costs for framing from monies contributed. This may be varied at the discretion of the judges in consultation with the Head of School in exceptional circumstances where the cost of production of the artwork warrants greater compensation. The adjusted monetary prize shall not exceed $1000.
  • The winning student will receive a certificate of recognition as the winner of the SACSAAP. They must within reasonable expectations be willing and available for media promotions in the local media and School marketing.
  • The judging panel will consist of one Visual Arts teacher from SACS and a guest artist. The panel will also consider a survey of the Year 12 cohort of their favoured BOW.
  • Prior to the announcement of the SACSAAP, the winning student will be consulted with to ensure that they are willing to accept the prize in exchange for the nominated artwork or BOW.
  • Whilst the School will gain ownership of the winning artwork or BOW and will be free to do with as it pleases, the student will retain the right to use images of the artwork or BOW for the purposes of developing their CV or for promotional purposes.

In the case of the SACSAAP not being awarded in a particular year, the prize money shall be directed toward the cost of a suitable gift to the School in consultation with the Head of Senior College.