Andrean Writer and Artist of the Year Awards

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Each year, a theme will be chosen for a short story and art competition.

Prizes: Three Junior/Gawura School and three Secondary School finalists will each receive a $30 prize. The overall winner of the Junior Andrean Writer/Artist of the Year ($100 prize) and the Andrean Writer/Artist of the Year ($220 prize) will be announced at Speech Night. All entrants will receive a certificate of participation and notable entries will receive certificates of commendation. The two winners will have their entries published in the school newsletter and all entries will be published in an online booklet.

Judging: Winning entries will be judged on creativity, writing/artistic skill, engagement of the reader/viewer and originality in exploring the theme. Entries must be composed this year and no group entries are permitted. Plagiarism will result in disqualification. All Junior submissions will be judged by Mrs Robson and Mrs Edwards and Senior submissions by Mrs Stutsel (writing), Mrs Savage (Art) and Mr Swibel. Finalist entries will be judged by Dr Collier.

2019 Entries

2018 Entries

Senior School Writer Finalists

Senior School Artist Finalists

Junior/Gawura School Writer Finalists

Junior/Gawura School Artist Finalists

2017 Entries

media: 2017 Andrean Writer of the Year Awards.pdf

Senior School Finalists

Junior School Finalists