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Why AirWatch?

AirWatch has been selected as the Mobile Device Management system to connect devices to the network and to help with management of iPads including deploying of apps to iPads.

Airwatch Features

  • A SACS App Catalogue:

Apps are purchased by the School and made available to the students to download via the App catalogue. The list of apps will be reviewed regularly.

  • Ablity to force App removal based on location

When our students are on campus the school can request the removal of Apps which are not conducive to our Learning Environment. Once the iPad has left school the ability to download and re-install any App is returned to the student.

  • Safer web browsing

Whilst at SACS students can use the AirWatch browser to surf the internet. The AirWatch browser is a more secure way for us to offer internet to our students and allows us to enforce stricter filter policies. This browser is installed as an App at the time of joining AirWatch.

Changes that every student must make to their iPad

We have created an Airwatch Install Guide on how-to install the AirWatch App and how-to make your device compliant to gain access to the SACS-IPAD2 Wi-Fi network. This PDF is available in print form and can be collected from the IT help desk in the library foyer.

If the Airwatch Browser needs to be installed separately, the instructions on how to do so can be found on the Airwatch Browser Guide.

PLEASE NOTE: iPads will not be able to join the SACS Wi-Fi Network if AirWatch is not installed.

Airwatch Guides

  1. AirWatch Enrollment Page
    • This link contains the disclaimers and link to install AirWatch on your students' iPad.
  2. AirWatch Install Guide
    • SACS Official guide to Install AirWatch on your students' iPad device.
  3. AirWatch Browser Guide
    • Shows how to install the SACS filtered browser on your students' iPad.