AirWatch Browser Guide

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Using AirWatch Browser. This guide describes the process for connecting to the internet through the AirWatch Browser. For a concise guide download this pdf.

Upon first launching the AirWatch Browser you will be presented with a prompt to enter settings. This should already be filled out so tap "Done".

AirWatch Browser Step 1.png AirWatch Browser Step 2.png

Next you will be prompted to enter a pin that you will need to enter when using the browser. The pin must be at least 4 alphanumeric characters long. Be sure to create one that you will not forget.

AirWatch Browser Step 3.png

Once you have created your pin you will need to enter your SACS computer username and password.

AirWatch Browser Step 4.png

The browser is now ready to use and you may navigate to websites through the usual method of entering the site's URL.

AirWatch Browser Step 5.png AirWatch Browser Step 6.png