Academic Progress Guidance Programme

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The Academic Progress Guidance Programme seeks to intervene when students demonstrate unsatisfactory academic application and progress.

The Curriculum Administrator provides Academic Coordinators regular data on students' academic progress in terms of academic achievement and engagement.

At the end of every reporting period, the Curriculum Administrator provides a relevant list of students to teachers of Y7-12 students with subjects given 4s and 5s Application Grades. Students who have achieved three or more 4s and/or 5s are brought to the attention of The Y7-12 Academic Coordinators to go on the Academic Progress Guidance Programme for the Term.

A “4” grade for Application indicates that improvement is required to attain a satisfactory level of commitment. The student’s work may have been incomplete, late and/or not submitted, including assignments. His/her work may also have shown evidence of being rushed, and/or not properly planned.

A “5” for Application indicates that the student needs to improve his/her effort substantially. The student’s work has frequently been incomplete or not attempted, his/her quality of work has been below that reasonably expected, or his/her assignments and other homework tasks were either not attempted, or rarely attempted.

These students are interviewed by the relevant Academic Coordinator. The students are given a Goal Setting Proforma and a Purple Academic Commitment Card. The student is to take the Purple Card and get the relevant teachers of the subjects they received the low Application Grades for to set appropriate goals to improve their Application Grades.

The Academic Coordinator contact the teachers of the students on the Academic Progress Guidance Programme to alert them of the Purple Card monitoring.

The aim of the program is improve a student’s Application Grade for the next Term’s reports.

If a student’s Application Grade does not sufficiently improve, the following steps may need to be initiated by the Academic Coordinator:

  • Interview with parents
  • Referral to counsellor
  • Referral to Head of EALD for assessment which may include further testing.