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Term 4 2014 Year 7-10 - Learning Field Starts

Please note, Year 7-10 will be running free trial of all Learning Field textbooks in Term 4 2014 with textbook charges beginning Term 1 2015. Please see Textbooks for more information.

2014 Terms 1-3 Downloading eTextbooks

  • Media:Textbooks @ SACS 2014.pdf shows how your student can access online textbooks at SACS in 2014
  • Go to www.endeavoureducation.com.auto see booklists by Yeargroup and to access the textbook cloud server.
  • Endeavour passwords are the student's SACS email prefix (eg bswibel15) and the password is SACS student ID number.

Important Notes on PDF Textbooks

  1. All textbooks should be saved onto the student's iPad/computer and then backed up. PDF's should be saved to the ipad app, 'PDF Expert'. Pearson texts should be saved to the Pearson app.
  2. All publishers except Pearsons provide their texts as PDF's. All texts provided through the Endeavour Education cloud site, should be able to be downloaded to an iPad and/or home computer.
  3. Some students have reported being unable to download pdf textbooks onto their ipads. Publishers have advised that there is a serious bug with the installed version of iOS 7 [the operating system for iPad] which can cause large PDF files to crash while downloading. Until Apple fix this issued we have been advised to download large pdfs to a PC or Mac and sync the iPad through iTunes. To sync PDF's to iTunes via your computer, go to iTunes, >Go to File, >Select Add File to Library. The file should then appear in the books section of your iTunes Library and you can then sync them to the iBooks app via the Books tab that appears on the right-hand side of iTunes when you have selected the iPad 'device' on the left-hand side.
  4. Some PDF's that have been purchased through Endeavour are available on SACS Schoology rather than the Endeavour Education Cloud site. Students should look at both sites to ensure they have downloaded all their required texts.
  5. Jacaranda Textbooks can be difficult to download. Please refer to the Media: Jacaranda eTextbook Download Guide.pdf.
  6. Pearson Textbooks require users to download the Pearson app or program to view texts offline. These textbooks include Year 7 Maths, Year 9 Maths and Year 9 History. Endeavour Education site is not linking to Pearson. Students need to visit www.pearsonplaces.com.au and enter their Endeavour username and password.

Year 11 and 12 Textbooks

In 2014 the School has decided to allow Year 11 students to choose whether they use digital or hard copy textbooks for their final two years of School. Digital textbooks have many advantages over hard copy textbooks as they are more portable, searchable and media rich. Nevertheless, Year 11 2014 are be able to choose between digital or hard copy textbooks.

Year 12 2014 will be using hard copy textbooks they purchased in 2013.

Endeavour Education is the School’s textbook supplier. They are able to provide students with digital textbooks and the School's textbook list is available from the Endeavour Education website. Endeavour is also able to source hard copy textbooks. However, this service is only available to parents who have already purchased digital textbooks through Endeavour. Parents only looking to source hard copy textbooks may source the textbooks independently.